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Our Vision & Mission

Pecan Valley Vision

We are committed to growing all students academically, socially, and emotionally so that they are life-long learners

Pecan Valley Mission

The mission of Pecan Valley Elementary School is to provide a quality education that enables students to demonstrate exemplary performance in foundation subjects, achieve their potential, and acquire the knowledge, skills, and character to be responsible and independent citizens.

We, at Pecan Valley, believe that all students deserve the opportunity to learn, will create a secure and positive environment where students, teachers and parents work cooperatively. The students will be actively involved in their learning, while developing self-discipline, respect, and lifelong learning skills. The teachers will serve as facilitators and role models using various strategies to help students experience success in achieving their goals. The parents, as equal partners in their child's education will be actively involved in the school community and will provide a supportive and nurturing home environment.