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Pecan Valley Library Policy   Book choice:  At Pecan Valley Library, students have the freedom to choose what is of interest to them.  Parents should talk to their children about book choice if they feel there is a topic or level of book that is not appropriate for their child.

Book check out:  It is up to the teacher to decide if library books will travel home with the student for students in 2nd - 5th grade. 

  • Pre-Kinder students check out 1 board book and visit the library once a week to exchange their book for a new one.  Library books will stay in the classroom.
  • Kinder and 1st grade students may check out one book at a time.   Students will visit the library once a week. However, books may be exchanged at any time.    Library books will stay in the classroom.  
  •  2nd - 5th grade students may check out two books at a time.  Students will visit the library once a week and books may be exchanged at any time.  Books may travel home unless other arrangements have been made by the teacher. 
  •  Parents may check out up to 5 books at a time under the students' account name if the student's account is clear of fines.  Books may be kept for as long as 2 weeks.  Parents will need to check in at the office with a valid ID. 

Fines:  There are no overdue fines for late book returns.  However, students may not borrow any library books until the overdue book(s) are returned.  After 4 weeks, overdue books are considered lost and a lost book fine will be charged to the students' account.  If a book is returned to the library damaged (including torn pages, missing barcode and spine labels,  marks on the book and food/liquid damage), a fine for the damaged book will be charged to the student's library account. Please view the fees for damaged books below.   Fines for lost or damaged books carry over for two years or until the student library account has been cleared. 

Library fees:   

Type of Damage

Barcode or Spine Label missing or damaged        $1.00

Minor markings (1 - 2 pages)                                     .50 per page

Major markings                                                       Book Price

Pages ripped - minor damage                                   .50 per page

Pages ripped - major damage                               Book Price

Spine/Cover damage from neglect                        $2.00

Minor food damage                                                    .50 per page

(Stuck and stained pages)

Major food damage                                                Book Price

Liquid damage                                                       Book Price

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To Access the East Central Library Handbook for Teachers and Parents, please use the link below.